Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Call us Crazy

Go ahead. It wouldn't offend us. It'd make us smile. Laugh even. A depressed teenager, her sociopathic best friend, and their frumpy friend, all convinced they're being followed by Daddy Long legs himself.

I'm talking about Slenderman.

Yeah. We saw him. You can dispute it, but we'll just shrug and tell you to fuck off.

Sadly, and to say the least, we're all WAY in over our heads. Just the idea of being confronted by Slendy scares the shit out of me.

But I want to know what I saw and what's haunting my dreams. I'm sick of being scared and being the baby when it comes to this bastard.

So this is going to be my blog. Not one of those, "Oh my god, I'm going crazy, lololololslendylolololol"

No. I'm not doing this for your entertainment. It's for other's safety.

So I'll be posting once a week, most likely on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. I'll fill everyone in, show pictures, videos, and the findings from not only myself, but Knave and Eyes, my partners in this hell.

But for the first week, I'll give you all some insight.

So, I had a theory.

Slenderman, on occasion, has been able to do dream warfare. He'll come to your dreams and terrorize you. It happened to me. The first evening I saw him, when I tried to sleep that night, I was repeatedly awoken by him. Then I thought that maybe, if I had something to protect my dreams, it would keep the bastard out.

Scary thing is, it works.

I imagined up something just as badass as Daddy Long Legs, and named her Miss. And sure enough, that night when I was asleep, I had no problems. I wasn't awoken by him, and I was pleased to find out that I was rested with my wits about me.

As dumb and childish as it sounds, my little imaginary friend helped me.

Moving on, in the dreams, I keep seeing mirrors. Us holding mirrors, using them as a weapon. It's not something I'd expect, but it's been coming to me every night.

I'm going to try and contact M for help with this idea.

Eyes says we can trust him, and I trust Eyes with my life.

So looks like we can trust M.

Stay safe and don't be silenced,

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