Wednesday, January 12, 2011


This is all so fucked up. Why the hell would he be dumb enough to do it?

So Eyes thought it'd be a good idea to go hunting for Daddy Long Legs. It was last Friday.

Today is Wednesday, and we still haven't heard from him.

So, as he said before he left, it's safe to assume he's dead.

Which I never wanted to assume. I went to his house to talk to his parents, like he asked before he left, and I collected a few of his things. Two of his note books. His favorite hat. A watch. His cigarettes.

I sleep in the damn hat, I miss him so much. He was my best friend for years. Hell, I even keep his cigarettes in my bag for if he randomly shows up.

Eyes, if you're reading this, please. Call me and let me know you're okay. Or call Knave. Or hell, your brother. He's worried about you too.

Which reminds me, Jason, Eyes' brother, is trying to get into all of this. I told him he's a fucking idiot and that he's not allowed to. But since when do boys listen?

But on a different note, I'm going to start posting parts of Eyes' journal. Just so that people can get another view about this.

Eyes. Please, come back safe. We miss you ans we love you.

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  1. Hey Backslash I would of told you of this at school but I didn't want anyone overhearing. I went to where Eyes said he was gonna look for Slendy. No sign of him or Tall, Dark, and Faceless but I found a spot that looks like someone got into a fight there. I would of taken Pictures but it was getting dark so I had to get home.
    ~Knave of Cards