Thursday, January 6, 2011

Hopes and Prayers

EyesWideOpen, the leader of our operation against Slenderman, is going hunting tomorrow.

I'm not going with him. I really should be, so I can be his second in command until the end, but I can't be. I hate it. I'm going with my girlfriend to see her father tomorrow, and I can't be out there with him. So instead, I'm running command central. I'm doing any and everything to help him. Whatever he wants. And as he said, he may just be the Warrior. I don't want him to be, but I want him to know. I'm still here, and no matter what, I'll keep this going. With our theories, our tests, and our hopes.

God go with you, Eyes.

Take that knife and stab him right in his void of a face. Make us proud.


  1. So someone's still using the titles... Interesting. The idea of mirrors is indeed interesting - I've had dreams of them too, though not used offensively.

    Stay safe, and I hope Eyes does as well.

  2. Hey Backslash, would of been nice to know ya created this. No offense and all.

    -Knave of Cards

  3. @ Stormecho: Well, I feel better that someone else has had those dreams as well.

    @ Knave: Hey, Knave. Sorry I never brought it up, hun. Eyes JUST found out about it before his hunt, and he only knew because I asked M for help.

  4. Its alright at least I know about it now.